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Privacy Policy

We have a security team dedicated 24 hours to protect pur system of any attack and invasion, also to protect your personal data. All our data are protected and we have a policy of protecting any personal information such as: address, id number, passwords etc. the emails and address will be only used to inform you of any news and sales. And more importantly: Only with your authorization.

The sharing of our client's personal information will only happen in case of investigation and also as a request of our client. To preserve your data from any invasion, we suggest our clients to change your password frequently and avoid obvious combinations! So, forget about using your date of birth, use your criativity and invest on a secure password.

All of the technology of our E-commerce is focused, assuring the security of our costummer's data, including personal information and of payment. Here, you can insert your card infor with security that it is not going to be utilized on forbbied form. All of the information of your credit card utilize SSL format (secure navigation) where your data are criptographed in a unique form, making your information secure from the invasion of financial predators.

Our cosfummers after registering at ArthurNetto.com will have the option of receiving or not on his/her email offers, sales, and information about our website, knowing that at any time this option can be altered by our costummer. We do not use your information to send any publicity material without your previous authorization.

We will not resquest in any possibility, by email or phone call your password, the request of your password will only be made in case of document robbery, if this happens, let us know immediately. Possibly, only in case of checking the authencity of the information and request, registry information may be requested by phone.

Remember to log out of arthurnetto.com and also to close the window after shopping. This guarantees that other people will not have acess to your data, in case that you share a computer or that you are in a public place where the machine is used by other civilians.

Arthurnetto.com reserves the right to alter any details in the terms of our website, also our payment policies, exchange and return without previous notice.

The information on the website can possibly have error on the discription of our products, prices, and disponibility. Respecting our costummer's rights and the policy of relationship with our clientele, reserves the right to promote the correction of those eventual errors at any moment wihtout previous notice. Consequently, arthurnetto.com does not guarantee that the information on this website may be at all times exact, complete or correct.

Delivery Information

You can choose any adress for your merchandise to be delivered at. Just acess your record in our system and add a new adress to receive your merchandise. But be aware: this procedure can only be made before the closing of your resquest. After finalized you may not be able to change it.

We do not schedule delivery. There will be 3 (three) attempts of delivery in the requested adress. After this limit is exceeded, the merchandise returns to our distribution center to be resent after confirmation of adress. To avoid the delay on your merchandise delivery, we suggest you follow the request status. Our deliveries eill be made in bussiness hours.